Journal Publications (2014 and earlier)

Type Author Title Publication Information Date Pages/Volume/Issue Links
Jrn H.T. Siegelmann and R. Freund Bulletin of European Association for Theoretical Computer Science EATCS 2014 number 114, pp. 265-269 pdf
Jrn A. Tal, N. Peled, and H. T. Siegelmann Biologically inspired load balancing mechanism in neocortical competitive learning Frontiers in Neural Circuits 2014 doi: 10.3389/fncir.2014.00018 pdf
Jrn J. Cabessa, H.T. Siegelmann The Super-Turing Computational Power of Plastic Recurrent Neural Networks International Journal of Neural Systems 2014 24, 1450029 pdf
Jrn D. Nowicki, P. Verga, H.T. Siegelmann Modeling Reconsolidation in Kernel Associative Memory PLOS One 2013 8(8) e68189 pdf
Jrn H. T. Siegelmann Turing on Super-Turing and Adaptivity Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology 2013 S0079-6107(13)00027-8 pdf
Jrn E. Kagan, A. Rybalov, H. T. Siegelmann, and R. Yager Probability-generated aggregators International Journal of Intelligent Systems 2013 28(7): 709-727 -
Jrn J. Cabessa and H. T. Siegelmann The Computational Power of Interactive Recurrent Neural Networks Neural Computation 2012 24(4): 996-1019 pdf
Jrn Frederick C. Harris, Jr., Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Hava Siegelmann, Hiroaki Wagatsuma Biologically-Inspired Human-Robot Interactions – Developing More Natural Ways to Communicate with our Machines IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development (editorial) 2012 4(3),190-191 -
Jrn Jean-Philippe Thivierge, Ali Minai, Hava Siegelmann, Cesare Alippi, Michael Geourgiopoulos A year of neural network research: Special Issue on the 2011 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks Neural Networks (editorial) 2012 32,1-2 -
Jrn H. T. Siegelmann Addiction as a Dynamical Rationality Disorder Frontiers of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (FEE) in China 2011 1(6),151-158 pdf
Jrn H. T. Siegelmann Complex Systems Science and Brain Dynamics: A Special Topic Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 2010 10.3389 -
Jrn L. Glass and H. T. Siegelmann Logical and symbolic analysis of robust biological dynamics Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 20 2010 644-649 -
Jrn H.T. Siegelmann and L.E. Holzman Neuronal integration of dynamic sources: Bayesian learning and Bayesian inference Chaos 20 2010 037112 pdf
Jrn D.V. Nowicki, H.T. Siegelmann Flexible Kernel Memory PLOS One 5(6) 2010 e10955 pdf
Jrn M.M. Olsen, N. Siegelmann-Danieli, H.T. Siegelmann Dynamic Computational Model Suggests that Cellular Citizenship is Fundamental for Selective Tumor Apoptosis PLOS One 5(5) 2010 e10637 pdf
Jrn K. Tu, D. Cooper, H.T. Siegelmann Memory reconsolidation for natural language processing Cogn Neurodyn 3 2009 365-372 pdf
Jrn A. Z. Pietrzykowski, R. M. Friesen, G. E. Martin, S.I. Puig, C. L. Nowak, P. M. Wynne, H. T. Siegelmann, S. N. Treistman Post-transcriptional regulation of BK channel splice variant stability by miR-9 underlies neuroadaptation to alcohol Neuron 59(2) 2008 274-287 pdf
Jrn Lu, S., Becker, K.A., Hagen, M.J., Yan, H., Roberts, A.L., Mathews, L.A., Schneider, S.S., Siegelmann, H.T., Tirrell, S.M., MacBeth, K.J., Blanchard, J.L. and Jerry, D.J. Transcriptional responses to estrogen and progesterone in Mammary gland identify networks regulating p53 activity Endocrinology 2008 - pdf
Jrn H.T. Siegelmann Analog-Symbolic Memory that Tracks via Reconsoliation Physica D 237(9) 2008 1207-1214 pdf
Jrn M.M. Olsen, N. Siegelmann-Danieli and H.T. Siegelmann Robust Artificial Life Via Artificial Programmed Death Artificial Intelligence 172(6-7) 2008 884-898 pdf
Jrn F. Roth, H.T. Siegelmann and R. J. Douglas The Self-Construction and -Repair of a Foraging Organism by Explicitly Specified Development from a Single Cell Artificial Life 13(4) 2007 347-368 pdf
Jrn S. Sivan, O. Filo and H. Siegelman Application of Expert Networks for Predicting Proteins Secondary Structure Biomolecular Engineering, Volume 24, Issue 2 2007 237-243 pdf
Jrn W. Bush and H.T. Siegelmann Circadian Synchrony in Networks of Protein Rhythm Driven Neurons Complexity Volume 12, Issue 1 2006 67-72 pdf
Jrn T. Leise and H Siegelmann Dynamics of a multistage circadian system Journal of Biological Rhythms, 21:4 2006 314-323 pdf
Jrn L. Glass, T. J. Perkins, J. Mason, H. T. Siegelmann and R. Edwards Chaotic Dynamics in an Electronic Model of a Genetic Network Journal of Statistical Physics Volume 121 Numbers 5/6 2005 969-994 pdf
Jrn Loureiro, O. and Siegelmann, H. Introducing an Active Cluster-Based Information Retrieval Paradigm Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, vl 56, n. 10 2005 1024-1030 pdf
Jrn A. Roitershtein, A. Ben-Hur and H.T. Siegelmann On Probabilistic Analog Automata Theoretical Computer Science, 320(2-3) 2004 449-464 pdf
Jrn A. Ben-Hur, H.T. Siegelmann Computation in Gene Networks Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 14(1) 2004 145-151 pdf
Jrn A. Ben-Hur, J. Feinberg, S. Fishman and H. T. Siegelmann Random matrix theory for the analysis of the performance of an analog computer: a scaling theory Phys. Lett. A. 323(3-4) 2004 204-209 pdf
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Jrn S. Eldar, H. T. Siegelmann, D. Buzaglo, I. Matter, A. Cohen, E. Sabo, J. Abrahamson Conversion of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy to open cholecystectomy in acute cholecystitis: Artificial neural networks improve the prediction of conversion World Journal of Surgery, 26(1) 2002 79-85 pdf
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Jrn H. Lipson and H.T. Siegelmann Clustering Irregular Shapes Using High-Order Neurons Neural Computation 12(10) 2000 2331-2353 pdf
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