Recent Courses

cs250 : Introduction to Computation

cs311 : Introduction to Algorithms

cs691L and nsb691A : Modeling the Brain: Perception and Learning (Fall 2004)

cs691C : Study of Consciousness (Fall 2006)

cs691II : Computational Models of Emotions (Spring 2007)

cs791 : Biological-Computation and Bio-Informatics (Spring 2002)

cs791R and Biology791A : Circadian Rhythms and Computational Modeling of Clocks
taught with Eric Bittman (Spring 2003)

Teaching Experiences

Designed New Courses:
Computational Modeling of Emotions (UG and G)
Computational Studies of Consciousness(UG and G)
Brain Modeling in Memory, Retrieval, and Learning (G)
Computational Biology and Bio-Computation: Seminar (G)
Circadian Oscillators and distributed clocks (G)
Neural networks and Automatic learning (UG + G)
Seminar in BioInformatics (UG + G)
Bayesian Networks for Decision Support Systems (UG + G)

Introduction to Algorithms (UG)
Discrete Mathematics (UG)
Design and implementation of Information Systems and Relational Databases (UG)
Information Retrieval Systems (UG + G)
Information Technologies: WWW and distributed systems (UG + G)

UG = undergraduate course
G = graduate coure