Invited Lectures (partial list)

Invited Conference Lectures
  1. Plenary Talk: International Conference on Complex Systems, October 2007.
  2. Plenary Talk: Unconventional Computation: Santa Fe March 2007
  3. International Conference on Complex Systems, Boston, June 2006
  4. Plenary Talk: Conference "Understanding Complex Systems", Urbana Champaign, May 2005, May 2006, May 2007
  5. International Conference on Unconventional Models of Computation, Brussels, 12/2000
  6. Telluride Workshop on Neuromorphic Engineering, Telluride, Colorado, July 2000
  7. Workshop on Hypercomputation, University College, London, May 2000
  8. Neural Computation in Science and Technology, Jerusalem, Israel, October 1999
  9. International Conferences on Computing Anticipatory Systems, Liege, Belgium, 8/1999
  10. International Conference on Neural Information processing: Workshop on Hybrid Neural Symbolic Integration, Breckenridge, Colorado, December 1998
  11. Workshop on Complexity and Real Computation, Berkeley, November 1998
  12. International Workshop on Universal Machines and Computation, Metz, France, 3/1998
  13. IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Orlando, Florida, October 1997
  14. International Summer School on Neural Networks Vietri sul Mare, Italy, September 1997
  15. Plenary talk: IEEE International Conference on Neural Networks, Washington D.C.1996
  16. International Symposium on the Logic and Dynamics for the Higher Level Formations in Biology, Zushi, Japan, March 1996
  17. Software Seminar (SOFSEM), Prague, November 1995 (Plenary talk)
  18. American Mathematical Society, Summer Meeting, Utah, August 1995
  19. The Eighth Israeli Conference on Information Systems in Medicine, Tel-Aviv, May 1995
  20. International Workshop on Universal Machines and Computation, Paris, March 1995
  21. Workshop on Algorithms and Computation Models for Future Technologies (ALTEC), Prague, 1995
  22. Dagstuhl Seminar on Neural-Computation, Germany,1994
  23. Workshop on Probabilistic Complexity Classes and Nonuniform Computational Models, Barcelona, Sept. 1993

Colloquia in Universities and Research Institutions
  1. University of Zurich Laboratory of Artificial intelligence, Advanced Course on ´┐ŻBiological Inspired Computation´┐Ż : June-July 2007
  2. Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS), Germany, Department of Physics, July 2007
  3. University of Zurich, December 2006
  4. Tel-Aviv University, Brain Super-center, 2006
  5. Weizmann Institute of Science August 2005
  6. Rockefeller University June 2005
  7. CalTech 2000, 2004
  8. Johns Hopkins University November 2004
  9. Swedish KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm September 2004
  10. Technion, Lecture series: Discoveries of the Century
  11. ETH, Zurich, Institute for Neuro-Informatics
  12. University of West Ontario - Computer Science
  13. California Institute of Technology, Complex Systems Colloquium
  14. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, San Diego
  15. University of Texas at Austin - Computer Science Colloquium
  16. Physics Department, Technion
  17. The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
  18. The University of Indiana, Computer Science
  19. London School of Economics, Applied Mathematics
  20. Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
  21. IBM research T.J. Watson - Special Math Studies
  22. The Capital Area Theory Symposia at the University of Maryland
  23. NEC Research Institute
  24. Oxford University - Institute of Mathematics - Penrose laboratory
  25. Gatsby Institute of Neurobiological studies
  26. University of Montreal, the Faculty of Physiology
  27. University of Maryland - Computer Science symposium
  28. University of California Berkeley - Mathematical Science Research Institute
  29. University of Sienna, Computer Science Department
  30. The Newton Institute for Mathematical Studies, Cambridge University
  31. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
  32. The Santa-Fe Institute, The Institute for Mathematical and Physical Studies
  33. The University of Helsinki
  34. The Oregon Graduate Institute
  35. The United States Army Research Laboratory
  36. The Institute for Systems Research at Maryland
  37. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Brain Research Laboratory
  38. Princeton University, Engineering Department
  39. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill - Machine Learning group
  40. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Applied Mathematics
  41. UC Berkeley, Engineering Department
  42. Bellcore
  43. Yale University - Computer Science Department
  44. The SNAG meeting at George-Mason University
  45. Hebrew University: the Center of Brain and Neural Networks
  46. Tel-Aviv University: the Biomedical Engineering Department
  47. Technion: Neural Networks Seminar at EE, Colloquium at the Physics Department
  48. Ben-Gurion University: CS Department
  49. The Weizmann Institute of Science: Math and computer science Department