DARPA: Superior AI

Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency
Superior Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Phase 1, Budget Period: 09/12/2016-09/11/2017

The goal of the project is to substantially advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence and, as a major necessity of achieving this goal, increase our understanding of the mechanisms that underlie biological intelligence. We will avoid methods and systems that may appear intelligent, but are, in fact, hard coded and not intelligent. Many current systems give the appearance of intelligence, however, these systems cannot adapt to changing circumstances or truly interpret and make decisions based on input. Systems that can do these things represent the future of computer technology.

The project consists of four primary tasks with the underlying goal to build superior AI:

  1. Biologically inspired efficient learning algorithms with local learning rules to significantly improve learning efficiency in AI.
  2. Modeling the brain’s layered architecture and cognitive functions to improve state-of-the art deep learning neural networks.
  3. Learning from the energy utilization in brains sustaining higher cognitive functions for drastic improvement in energy efficiency of AI hardware.
  4. Building cortical array architecture in analog hardware with periodic and quasi-periodic dynamics for neural computation that uses less energy.